Quick Facts About the Everglades

The Everglades is mystical place.; it’s so large, and so much lies within. How much do you actually know about the area? Could you answer basic questions about the most famous wetland?  Many people know the Everglades is located in Florida, contain alligators, and that people take airboat rides throughout the area; however, there is so a lot more know about this special place.

Here some quick facts about the Everglades. You may have heard of some of the facts before, but many are unknown to the majority of people.We hope these tidbits make you want to check out this natural wonder!

The Everglades is home to 14 endangered species and 9 threatened species.

The Everglades used to be spread across 8 million acres, but now, the area is less than 50 percent of the size it once was due to human settlement and drainage.

The Everglades isn’t really a swamp or forested wetland (although it’s refereed to being so, often), it’s a very slow-moving river.

The American alligator and the American crocodile only co-exist here.

The entire Everglades ecosystem stretched from the Kissimmee River to Lake Okeechobee before people began settling in southern Florida.

The Everglades is a Word Heritage site, a Wetland of International Significance, and an International Biosphere Reserve.

One out of three Floridians get their water supply from the Everglades.

It is the largest, continuous saw grass prairie on the continent.

It contains the largest mangrove system in the western hemisphere.

The area is home to the bestt breeding ground for tropical wading birds on the continent.

The ghost orchid only grows in the Everglades.

The Everglades is known as the “River of Grass.”  Native Americans called it and still call it  “pahayokee,” which means grassy waters.

Check out the Everglades

There is so much more to know and learn about the Everglades beyond these few facts.  The best way to learn about the area is up close and personal! An airboat ride allows people to go through the wetland and see lots of different,  beautiful vegetation, water, and animal life.  Captain Mitch’s Airboat Tours in Everglades offer a fun, unique experience on an airboat through the Everglades. Call Captain Mitch’s Airboat Tours at 239-695-3377 or click here to book a trip.

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